Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund officially becomes Provost’s Charity of the Year

Stirling Provost Douglas Dodds paid a visit to a cancer respite home run by the Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund to officially recognise it as the Provost’s Charity of the Year.

Provost Douglas Dodds with Nicole and Gordon Brown at the Eilidh Brown Respite Home
Provost Douglas Dodds visited Nicole and Gordon Brown at the Eilidh Brown Respite Home

The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund, which offers respite care to young people and families affected by a cancer diagnosis, was selected by Stirling Council’s Civic Panel to be the Provost’s 2023 Charity of the Year.

The charity, founded in 2010 following the death of Eilidh Brown, is operated by her parents, Gordon and Nicole. Through tireless fundraising, they officially opened the Eilidh Brown Respite Home in Thornhill last year, offering short breaks to families in need of support.

Provost Douglas Dodds, who visited the facility to present a cheque for £1,000 from Stirling Council’s civic fund said: “The love and care which goes into the wonderful work provided by Gordon and Nicole is simply awe-inspiring.

“The Eilidh Brown Memorial Fund offers space and comfort in picturesque settings for families going through a deeply upsetting time, and I can’t commend them highly enough for their efforts. I’m proud to endorse them as Provost’s Charity of the Year 2023.”

'Oasis of tranquility'

Gordon Brown said: “When we heard we were selected to be the Provost’s Charity of the Year we were delighted. It is important to us as a family and a charity that the amazing people of Stirling who enabled us, through their fundraising, to build Eilidh Brown’s are kept up to date with what we are doing.

“This recognition gives us a chance to involve our supporters and also hopefully speak to new people who perhaps are not aware of us. Eilidh Brown’s provides a small oasis of tranquillity for a week where families who are going through the treatment of cancer or sadly like ourselves have lost a child to cancer can spend much needed quality time together and be a real complete family unit.”