Flower power champs crowned Stirling’s gardening winners

Two of Stirling’s green-fingered gardening greats have been honoured by Provost Douglas Dodds.

A picture of four people, two men and two women, in a blooming garden. One of the women is accepting a gift voucher from one of the men, the Council Provost in his chain of office. a
Provost Douglas Dodds and Councillor Rachel Nunn, with Stirling Council officer Luke Scrivens, present Nancy Anderson with her £100 gift voucher for the success of her garden in Doune.

Raymond McLachlan, from Bannockburn, and Nancy Anderson, from Doune, have been declared joint winners in the fun competition to find the tenants who keep the best gardens in Stirling Council’s housing stock.

Provost Dodds and Cllr Rachel Nunn, Depute Convener of Council and a keen gardener, judged the efforts, with Raymond and Nancy each winning £100 in gardening vouchers after coming up roses in the contest.


Provost Dodds said: “The gardens nurtured by Nancy and Raymond are a credit to their dedication to their homes – and their communities. I know the time and effort they put in is also hugely appreciated by their neighbours.

“Gardening is a magical past-time and is so important to the physical and emotional health of people. In taking such joy from the colourful plants and flowers they nurture, our winners also enhance their local environment to the benefit of all.”


Cllr Nunn added: “I was delighted to visit the gardens and grateful that Raymond and Helen got involved. As an activity, gardening can greatly improve mental well-being and gardens also provide a place for nature.

“They are a corridor for bees and insects, which are our vital pollinators for our crops, as well being part of the food chain and ecosystem for other creatures we love, like song birds. Gardening is a source of joy as well as inspiration to others in helping an area feel looked after.”

A picture of three men and women in a smart, tidy garden. One of the men is receiving a gift voucher from the other, the Council Provost wearing his chain of office.
The garden of Raymond McLachlan, from Bannockburn, brings joy to his neighbours who love the colourful blooms at their maisonette.

Provost Dodds and Cllr Nunn visited Raymond’s home, a maisonette at Fairgreen Place, and Nancy’s home at Queen Street, where the residents were presented with their prizes.

Raymond said: “I’ve lived here for 54 years and it was around seven years ago I decided to do something with the garden. I’m very proud of it now, I don’t think there’s even a weed in the grass.

“Some of my neighbours in the maisonette have also lived here for decades and they have been very good at chipping in for ornaments such as my toadstools, frogs and even the garden gnomes. I reckon I spend around £40 a year on flowers and this is where my winning voucher will go – on new Begonias, French Marigolds, Chrysanthemums and Busy Lizzies.”


Nancy added: “My garden is a joy that brings me so much relaxation and I’m delighted to be recognised by Provost Dodds and Councillor Nunn – the award came as such a big surprise.

“I only moved into my new home at Christmas and have worked to give the garden a country cottage feel, bright and cheerful, because the street is very quaint. The local garden centre is my favourite place and I’ll be using my £100 voucher for winter pansies, hanging baskets and bulbs.”

A man in a red sweater stands proudly in front of his smart front garden, with flower beds and closely clipped grass.
Raymond's garden in Bannockburn is his pride and joy and he'll be using his voucher to buy new stocks of flowers.

A woman in a pink t-shirt stands at her garden fence, behind which is a colourful display of blooming plants and flowers.
Nancy takes pride in the country cottage feel of her garden in Doune.