Funding secured to bring back void Council homes for Ukrainian refugees

A total of 40 void Stirling Council properties will be brought back into use for displaced Ukrainians after £720,000 of national funding was secured.

Stirling Council HQ where the the Council meeting took place
Stirling Council HQ where the report on the bringing back the Council properties into use was presented.

The grant from the Scottish Government’s Ukraine Longer Term Resettlement Fund will provide much-needed homes for Ukrainian people living in temporary accommodation in the area.

There will be a minimal impact on other people currently seeking housing as a significant new supply of Council housing is being released. 

As of 7 June, 329 Ukrainians (157 households) were living across Stirling, including 63 households in contingency accommodation (hotel or serviced apartment). A total of 42 households had moved into their own home, while 52 households were still living with sponsors in the community.

A report to Thursday’s meeting (29 June) of Council showed the Housing Service had acquired 65 properties during 2022/23, with a further 30 earmarked for purchase this year. In addition, two new build sites are due for completion this year which will provide 31 more homes.

Stable and secure living environment

Stirling Council Leader Cllr Chris Kane said: “Stirling’s communities have a proud record of welcoming and supporting the Ukrainian people since the Russian invasion in 2022.

“The Council works closely with a range of organisations to ensure there is a wide range of supports available to help Ukrainians integrate into the community and build independent lives after the trauma of feeling conflict in their homeland.

“Securing this funding will allow us to provide a stable and secure living environment to a number of Ukrainian households and families living in temporary accommodation across Stirling who have endured so much uncertainty and strife. 

“Upgrading these properties will also add to our general housing stock in the long-term, and it’s great to see more Council properties becoming available this year for people on the housing list.”

The funding, which equates to £18,000 per void home, will either partly or wholly fund works to properties. It will also cover the purchase of floor coverings and furniture packs so the housing will be ready for guests to move in.

The properties will be allocated in line with the Council’s Housing Allocation Policy.

An Officer from the Council’s Homelessness Team has also been established to provide housing options to Ukrainian households, link with the Council’s Resettlement Team and negotiate with prospective private landlords to match households with private rented properties.  

To view a recording of the Council meeting and to download the agenda papers, please head to our Broadcasting Platform.

Background info:

The Scottish Government’s Ukraine Longer Term Resettlement Fund is intended to support local authorities and housing associations with the provision of longer term accommodation. So far there have been 10 approved projects across Scotland with almost £19m supporting the use of 976 homes, most of which related to use of long-term void or rented properties.