Have your say on the future of the Forthside area of Stirling

Residents, businesses and community groups are being reminded to take part in an online survey on the new design guide for the Forthside area.

An aerial view of the Forthside area of Stirling
An aerial view of the Forthside area of Stirling.

This key visual document sets out a list of principles to ensure future developments at Forthside are undertaken in line with the updated masterplan for the area.

These include: defining key development areas; what access routes there will be, such as roads, footways and cycle paths; the aims for delivering quality public spaces and landscaping; and setting parameters for buildings.   

The Forthside area includes the 36-acre former Ministry of Defence (MoD) land which will be the site for Stirling Studios, one of the biggest film studio campuses in Scotland and pave the way for thousands of high-skilled jobs as well as major economic benefits.

Really important

Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Chris Kane said: “The redevelopment and regeneration of Forthside is going to unlock exciting and transformative opportunities for Stirling.

“The creation of Stirling Studios at the former MoD land is expected to generate thousands of highly-skilled jobs in a thriving sector and deliver a significant economic boost to the city and wider region.

“We are going to do that by making innovative use of the existing buildings at the site – but this is only part of our bold vision for this key part of the city centre.

“We also have ambitions to develop high-quality housing and attractive public spaces, green infrastructure and enhanced travel connections across the city, achieving major economic, environmental and social benefits.

“The design guide sets out the general principles and standards to make this a reality, so it’s really important that the local community, business and other key stakeholders have their say in the consultation before 3 June to shape the final version of this vital planning document.”

The survey will run until Monday 3 June. To take part and view the design guide for Forthside, please visit our Engage Stirling website.

The masterplan for Forthside was approved by council recently following a consultation, which saw more than 630 people provide feedback over a 12-week period. This document outlines the overarching vision for the area and the key principles for future residential and business development, as well as proposed improvements for road and access infrastructure, enhanced public spaces, environmental improvements and increasing access to the River Forth.

The former MoD land at Forthside was transferred to the council at the end of March 2024 through the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal – a £214 million partnership between Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils, the University of Stirling and the UK and Scottish Governments.

The creation of Stirling Studios has been supported by repurposing a proportion of the £19m grant secured by the council from UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund (LUF) for the redevelopment and regeneration of Forthside.

More info on the Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal can be found here: https://www.stirclacksdeal.com/