Hybrid system available for all Stirling Council meetings

Stirling Council has adopted a hybrid model for Council, committee and panel meetings as part of its drive to open up local democracy to all.

Council Chambers at Old Viewforth
Council Chambers at Old Viewforth

New technology allows these meetings to be accessed by participants and members of the public in person and remotely.     

Over recent months, the local authority has rolled out and tested the new setup and is highlighting its availability to the public ahead of Thursday’s Full Council meeting.

Live broadcasts and recordings of all Council meetings, as well as links to the agenda papers and other key info, can be found on this platform.

Strengthens local democracy

Stirling Council Leader Cllr Chris Kane said: “The pandemic restrictions prevented traditional in-person meetings and saw the Council move to remote meetings which were recorded and made available to the public.

“That accelerated our work on implementing a hybrid system which is now fully up and running.  

“Giving people the choice to watch or take part remotely, or choose to attend in person, strengthens local democracy by opening it up to greater number of people.  

“A hybrid model gives the public greater choice on how and when they access the business of the Council, improving transparency, accountability and increasing engagement with residents and community groups.

“Having successfully rolled out and tested the technology over the past few months it’s important we highlight the new system to our residents and communities.”

Stirling Council agreed to adopt a hybrid approach for all Council meetings in December 2021.

The investment in the new equipment and the contract with the supplier was secured via Scottish Government funding to support the Stirling area’s Covid recovery.

Thank everyone

Cllr Kane added: “A lot of work has taken place to secure and implement the hybrid system and I would like to thank everyone involved.”

To access the live streaming website which includes links to the agenda papers, please head here.