International Wheelchair Curling Event Receives Civic Endorsement

Stirling Council’s Civic Panel has given its endorsement to the organisers of the seventh edition of an international wheelchair curling event.

Sweden's 2019 Wheelchair Curling Team
Sweden were the winners of the last Stirling Wheelchair Curling International Invitational held in 2019.

The Stirling Wheelchair Curling International Invitational, which starts on 18 October, will feature eight of the world’s top teams and is regarded as one of the most prestigious events on the international wheelchair curling tour calendar.

The event will serve as preparation for the upcoming World Wheelchair Curling Championship in March 2023.

The World Wheelchair Curling Championship was previously hosted in Stirling in 2019 and the 2022 Stirling Wheelchair Curling International Invitational continues to bolster the city’s reputation as a destination for elite sporting events.

At today’s (29 September) meeting of the Civic Panel, it was agreed that a contribution of £960 from the Civic Budget would be made to support the event’s closing day dinner, hosted by the Stirling Wheelchair Curling Club.

Growing Reputation for International Sporting Events

Provost Douglas Dodds said: “I’m thrilled that Stirling will once again host some of the world’s top athletes as they compete in the Seventh Stirling Wheelchair Curling International Invitational.

“This event will draw interest from around the world and build on Stirling’s growing name for hosting events of this calibre after previously hosting the World Championship three years ago.

“I’m proud to personally endorse the Stirling Wheelchair Curling Club for their hand in organising and hosting the event and look forward to welcoming the delegates from the visiting teams.”

Andrew Hemming, Chair of the 2022 Stirling Wheelchair Curling International Invitational, said: “We’re delighted that Stirling Council can support our prestigious event and it’ll showcase the wonderful City of Stirling to our visitors and beyond.”

The teams participating are: England, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Norway, Switzerland, Scotland and Sweden. The event will take place from 18-21 October.