Killin community honoured for uniting across the generations

Killin Nursery and the Falls of Dochart Retirement Home are celebrating a generation game that proves age is no barrier to friendship.

A picture of the staff from Killin Nursery and Falls of Dochart Retirement home with their award
(l to r): Alexandra Tigwell, Kayleigh MacDonald, Mandy Hay, Allana Cairns and Tina Campbell picking up the award on behalf of Killin Nursery and Falls of Dochart Retirement Home.

The children and residents have been honoured at the ‘Generations Working Together Excellence Awards’ in Glasgow, winning an award for Valuing Generational Diversity.

The nursery and retirement home have been working together informally for 20 years. However, since 2015 weekly visits to the retirement home have been a formal part of the children’s learning and development.


The children regularly put on shows, tell stories and play board games with residents. In return, the residents pass on gardening tips, help with arts and crafts and teach the children noughts and crosses.

Alexandra Tigwell, Principal Early Childhood Educator at Killin Nursery said: “We’re very proud of the award. Our goal has always been to create opportunities for the children, residents and staff to build relationships, develop a sense of wellbeing and learn from each other.

“The children love their weekly visits and the residents enjoy the positive relationships that develop from them. It’s great for the general health and wellbeing of the older people and it also helps the children bridge the gap between generations.”

A picture of two chilren, a boy and a girl, with the certificate of award outside the Falls of Dochart Retirement Home.
Killin Nursery pupils Rohan and Jess took the award certificate to the Falls of Dochart Retirement Home to show to residents.

Mandy Hay, manager of the Falls of Dochart Retirement Home, added: “It’s amazing to be recognised in this way after many years of developing links between the children and residents.

“The residents light up when the children visit and they enjoy activities and sharing knowledge with their ‘buddies’. We’re helping reduce the generation gap and promoting self-esteem and positivity in both age groups.”