Killin community to benefit from investment in former Co-op

Residents of Killin and Ardeonaig have strengthened community ties after taking over the keys to a former Co-operative supermarket.

Five people stand outside the door to a Co-op building as one hands a set of keys to another to signify new ownership.
KAT Chair Bridget Saddler (centre), receives the keys to the Co-op with (l to r) Paul Godzik of KAT; Anne-Michelle Ketteridge, Stirling Council; Rosemary Simpson and Theresa Elliot of KAT.

The Killin and Ardeonaig Trust (KAT) has been allocated £230,000 by Stirling Council to develop the site into a local business and learning hub, re-use shop, community fridge and tool library.

The funding has been provided by the Scottish Government’s Place Based Investment Programme (PBIP) and is part of £600,000 awarded to Stirling Council to support community-led projects, local development and economic growth.

Other organisations and projects to benefit in the Council area include Bannockburn House, Creative Stirling and the Bannockburn and Eastern Villages Community Hub.


Stirling Council’s Convener of Finance and Economy Committee, Cllr Margaret Brisley, said: “This project will make a real difference to the community of Killin and Ardeonaig and provide significant regeneration that will have a long lasting impact.

“It is an inspirational and ambitious project which has been identified and developed by the local community – and will be delivered by it as well.

“The successful project will also increase wellbeing, address inequalities and support the move to net-zero. This underpins the aims of Stirling’s Economic Strategy – to enable opportunities for all, to be sustainable and inclusive, and to help local communities and businesses thrive.”


KAT negotiated the transfer with the Co-operative after they had moved to new premises on Lyon Road in the village, securing £207,141 from The Scottish Land Fund to buy the building, with the money allocated by Stirling Council helping with refit costs.

Bridget Saddler, KAT’s Chair, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity and helps keep a strong retail presence on Main Street in Killin. It will also take KAT to the next level, allowing us to grow and help make the area an even more vibrant place to live, visit and work.”

Other KAT projects include plans for a bike pump track, youth project, local growing project and regeneration of The Old Mill.

Stirling Council announced details of funding for Place Based Investment Programme projects earlier this year.