New Blairdrummond link to benefit walkers and cyclists

Walkers and cyclists in the Stirling area have been boosted by a new travel link that cuts out the need to negotiate a busy road junction.

A man rides a bicyle to the left of the image as a woman walks alongside him on the right.
Councillor Jen Preston and Will Muir of The Blairdrummond Smiddy have welcomed the new path and the benefits it brings for cyclists and walkers.

A track behind The Blairdrummond Smiddy farm shop has been transformed by Stirling Council to create a safer, practical route from the car park of the popular restaurant and meeting point to nearby Kirk Lane.

The new path is just over 300 metres in length and removes the need for cyclists and walkers to address the busy junction between the A84 and A873.

Construction work, which began in April, has just been completed at a cost of £140,000, through funding secured from Transport Scotland’s Active Travel Transformation Fund.

Other recent projects in the Stirling area funded by the Active Travel Transformation Fund include the new footpath on the West Highland Way – next to the B821 in Carbeth – and widening and resurfacing work on the footpath linking Fallin and Millhall Road.

Convener of the Environment, Transport and Net Zero committee, Cllr Jen Preston, joined with Will Muir of The Blairdrummond Smiddy to welcome the new link.

A woman, on the left of the picture, and a man smile at the camera as they pose with bicycles in front of the entrance to a farmshop.
The new walking and cycling path passes behind the car park at The Blairdrummmond Smiddy.

She said: “The new path at the Blairdrummond Smiddy is another important link in the creation of a safer and practical walking and cycling route between Stirling and Aberfoyle.  

“We know cyclists, in particular, can often find the junction of the A84 and A873 a challenge and this removes that awkward transition and, we hope, will encourage even more active travel within the Stirling area, with all the health and environmental benefits this brings.

“Walk, Cycle, Live Stirling is scheduled for completion later this year and will create two active travel arteries to connect people and places in the heart of Stirling like never before.

“The demand for better connected active travel routes is high across the area and our aim is to make it easier than ever before for people to access and adopt more sustainable modes of transport across Stirling.

“We’re keen to help communities become healthier and more active, while helping the Council reach its own carbon reduction targets. I know the new path at The Smiddy will be well used and well loved.”


Will Muir, owner of The Blairdrummond Smiddy farm shop, added: “We're excited to offer members of the local community and visitors the opportunity to safely walk and cycle between Stirling and further afield with the opening of this path, which skirts the A84 through our car park.

“This is a great example of co-operation between the council and local businesses to promote safety, while championing a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of movement. 

“The cycling community is a wonderful group and we're grateful for their support of this project. We look forward to working with local clubs and bike shops to get more people on bikes over the summer - and we can't wait to get on ours, too.”