New taxi fares on hold after appeal by local operator

New fares for taxis and private hire vehicles agreed by Councillors in June have been put on hold after an appeal by a taxi operator.

taxi sign stock image
taxi sign stock image

The Council’s Planning and Regulation Panel considered two different proposals for new taxi fares after engaging in talks with local operators.

Both proposals by taxi operators and drivers sought to maintain the current flat rate of £3 for 0.5miles on tariff one (week days) and £3.50 for 0.5miles on tariff two (evenings, holidays and weekends).

Councillors had approved a proposal for a 20p increase on tariff 1 from £1.80 per mile to £2 per mile after the first half-mile, with tariff 2’s prices increasing from £2.20 per mile to £2.40 per mile after the first half-mile.

A second proposal sought to increase the costs for tariff 1 to £2.40 a mile, and tariff 2 to £3.20 a mile. This proposal also included a change to prices between the dates December 25-27th and December 31st-January 3rd to a flat rate of £4.00 and £4.26 per mile thereafter.

The decision by Councillors has been appealed to the Traffic Commissioner by a taxi operator who wished for the second proposal to be approved. The implementation of the increase is on hold until there is a resolution to the appeal.