New taxi tariffs approved

Stirling Council’s Planning and Regulation Panel has agreed to increase taxi fares and introduce a new tariff for larger vehicles carrying 5 or more passengers.

A taxi cab roof light
New taxi fares were approved by the Planning and Regulation Panel

At a meeting of the Panel on Tuesday (27 June), Members approved an approximate increase in distance based charges of taxi fares by 13.9% over Tariff 1 (7am-11pm) and Tariff 2 (11pm-7am). They also agreed to a third tariff that applies to journeys carrying five or more passengers.

Under the new fares, the minimum fare for Tariff 1 will increase from £3.00 to £3.40 and Tariff 2 will increase from a minimum of £3.50 to £4.00. Tariff 3 will be applied as a 60% increase over the Tariff 1 rate. The incremental distance on charges for journeys in excess of ½ mile will be reduced to 86 yards from 18th of a mile.

This is the first increase in taxi fares by Stirling Council since December 2019 and the decision has been taken following Stirling’s Taxi Fare Review carried out by independent traffic consultants, Licensed Vehicles Survey and Assessment (LVSA).

Stirling’s Taxi Fare Review took into account factors associated with the costs of operating a taxi, including vehicle price, licensing cost, servicing, fuel, insurance, vehicle excise duty and national earnings.

The agenda papers for the meeting, including the LVSA Report, are published on the Stirling Council website.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed here: