Plan for algae manufacturing plant near Balfron given approval

Proposals to construct an algae manufacturing facility near Balfron have been given conditional approval by Stirling Council’s Planning and Regulation Panel.

A picture of a blueprint across which is stamped the word 'approval'
The algae manufacturing facility near Balfron has been given conditional approval

Biotech company MiAlgae are seeking to install eight cylindrical tanks and associated shipping containers to help with the manufacturing of algae at Claylands Farm.

The process involves fermenting co-products from the whisky industry with micro algae to create a source of Omega-3, eliminating the reliance on wild-caught fish. The resulting Omega-3 paste will be used for pet food.

The site will be accessed via the existing access into Claylands Farm from the B818.


Following a hearing at Tuesday’s (24 January) meeting, in which objectors spoke, the application was approved subject to conditions stipulated by Panel to control the hours of operation and timing of traffic movement in addition to other standard conditions.

A total of 17 letters of objection were lodged about the application, with Killearn Community Council objecting and raising concerns over the increased industrialisation of the farm and increased traffic.

Balfron Community Council neither objected nor supported, but raised concerns around the siting of the development, conditions of the local road infrastructure and road safety.

A recording of the meeting can be viewed here:

To read the report and download the agenda papers, follow this link: