Provost’s glowing welcome for US curling challengers

Stirling Provost Douglas Dodds took to the ice and extended a warm greeting to a touring team of curlers from the United States.

Provost Douglas Dodds addresses curlers at the National Curling Academy
Provost Douglas Dodds addresses curlers at the National Curling Academy...pic: Graham Russell

However, the Forth Valley select turned up the heat when they defeated the visitors in the morning and afternoon sessions of their Bon Spiel at the National Curling Academy at The Peak on Saturday, 21 January.

It was a rare defeat for the tourists - mostly senior players from as far afield as Alaska, California and New York – during their month-long tour of Scotland, where they have played a string of rival rinks from Inverness to Dumfries.

Provost Dodds also attended a gala dinner later in the evening at the Stirling Court Hotel, attended by almost 100 players, families and friends from both teams.


The Provost said: “I was delighted to be asked to attend the event and showcase the wonderful curling academy at The Peak and the best of Scottish hospitality.

“We were pleased to extend our welcome to a traditional get together later in the evening, hosted by the Stirling Court, and share haggis and a dram. We’ve forged friendships with the US team that will last for many years to come.”

Forth Valley representative Norman Ainslie added: “We’d like to thank Stirling Council and Provost Dodds for supporting the event and every player from the US team was presented with a commemorative plaque bearing the Stirling coat of arms.

“The welcome, hospitality and friendship shown to our visitors highlighted all that’s best about about our area. The captain of the US team agreed the reception held after the match was the best night of their tour.”