St Ninians Primary School Nursery praised by regulator

A ‘knowledgeable and reflective staff team’ was among the aspects of service provided by St Ninians Primary School Nursery which were commended by the Care Inspectorate.

Pupils and staff at St Ninians Primary School Nursery
The Care Inspectorate attended the nursery in an unannounced inspection in August

The national regulator have given the nursery a grading of ‘5’ (Very Good) across all four core evaluations of its service - staff team and care, setting, leadership, play and learning.

The Care Inspectorate attended the nursery in an unannounced inspection in August where they spoke with staff members, management, children and families. As part of the inspection they also observed practice and daily life at the facility.

Additional aspects of the service that were highlighted for praise by the Care Inspectorate were:

  • Children benefitted from a staff team that were passionate, enthusiastic and committed to providing high quality care
  • Shared leadership across the team was improving outcomes for children
  • High quality resources supported children to develop their curiosity and creative thinking
  • Effective quality assurance and self-evaluation led to high quality experiences for children

'Important that children have the best experience possible'

Janine Rushton, Headteacher of St Ninians Nursery and Primary said: “We were delighted that the children’s high level of engagement and the staff team’s responsiveness to children’s needs and interests was recognised in the inspection process; it is really important to us that our children have the very best experience possible in St Ninians Nursery.”

Children and Young People Convener, Cllr Margaret Brisley said: “The commitment of staff and management at St Ninians Primary School Nursery to deliver the best possible care and opportunities for children to learn and develop is evident in this report.

“Efforts to make children in their care feel confident, secure and supported are at the heart of decision making at the nursery in a nurturing and welcoming environment. Everyone involved with the nursery can be incredibly proud of the praise from the national regulator which is a huge endorsement.”

St Ninians Primary School Nursery can provide care for up to 32 children of an age to not yet be attending primary school.

The report can be viewed online via the Care Inspectorate’s website.