Stirling hosts Armed Forces Day parade

Hundreds of military personnel, past and present, took part in the Armed Forces Day parade through Stirling on Saturday (24 June).

A platoon of soldiers, wearing kilts and playing bagpipes, marches along the street led at the front by their pipe major
The Royal Regiment of Scotland paraded from Stirling Castle to the Stirling Smith Museum.

The Royal Regiment of Scotland exercised their Freedom of the City status by stepping off from Stirling Castle and marching to the Stirling Smith Museum.

The SCOTS and the armed forces community were greeted at The Smith by Provost Douglas Dodds on behalf of the people of Stirling, before a free, family entertainment programme was hosted in the gardens.


Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Chris Kane, said: “The Royal Regiment of Scotland and members of our Armed Forces community brought colour and spectacle to the streets of Stirling as they participated in the march from Stirling Castle to The Stirling Smith Museum.

“Stirling has a rich military tradition, history and heritage and we are proud to support Armed Forces Day.”

A picture of soldiers, lined up two deep, wearing kilts and full uniform as they wait to be presented to dignitaries.
The Royal Regiment of Scotland exercised their Freedom of the City status.

Stirling Council’s Armed Forces Champion, Cllr Gene Maxwell, added: “The parade was hugely enjoyable and a great opportunity to welcome the Royal Regiment of Scotland to Stirling.

“I particularly appreciated the opportunity to meet soldiers, veterans and families in the lovely garden of the Smith Museum afterwards. I’d like to congratulate all involved on the organisation of a very fitting way to celebrate Armed Forces Day.”

Armed Forces Day is a UK-wide Ministry of Defence initiative to honour and celebrate the work of the armed forces and those who support them. It aims to raise awareness about the contributions of the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force, reservists, veterans, cadets and the wider armed forces community, including service families. 

Two men stand side by side, smiling at the camera, each resplenent in kilts with the man on the right in full military dress
Provost Douglas Dodds (left), pictured with Brigadier Leigh Drummond MBE, greeted the armed forces community on behalf of the people of Stirling at The Smith.