Stirling Provost reflects on a year to remember

Stirling Provost Douglas Dodds has looked back on his first 12 months as civic figurehead and admitted he has one of the best jobs in the world.

A picture of Provost Dodds presenting an award to three children from a local Scouts troop.
Provost Dodds with members of the First Raploch Scouts, named the Provost's Charity of the Year in October 2022.

The Provost, Stirling Council’s civic leader, has spoken of his pride in representing local people at events as wide ranging as a local motor show to a remembrance for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Since his appointment a year ago, he has cast the first fishing line of the season into local rivers, welcomed a group of US curlers and honoured a former Belgian pilot who lost his life over North Third during the Second World War.

He has attended dozens of community events from Cowie to Killin and all points in between – and is looking forward to even more.

A picture of the Provost with the Stirling Smith Museum archivist, showing off the Wallace Sword in a room at the National Wallace Monument.
The Provost welcomed the return of the Wallace Sword to the National Wallace Monument in May 2023.

The Provost said: “I’m a retired English police officer and still have to pinch myself at the absolute privilege of being Provost of one of the biggest, friendliest and most forward thinking areas in Scotland.

“Stirling has such rich and meaningful history, and over the last 12 months it has been wonderful to see so many tourists returning to the area after the worldwide challenge posed by the pandemic. Our heritage is a wonderful asset, but Stirling also boasts a dynamic economic sector and a thriving cultural and creative scene.

“There has been so much to look back on over the last year. The death of the Queen was a great sadness and it was an honour to represent the people of Stirling at her funeral at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh.


“But there have also been great joys – the coronation celebrations for King Charles, for example; birthday and anniversary parties for local residents, and being present at the opening of the Roselea Care Home.

“I’ve attended as many events as possible and I’m keen to engage with the community, at all levels. I care deeply about promoting everything that’s good about Stirling and our people and highlighting how much of an accolade it is to be Provost of this proud area.

“If there’s an event or engagement that the people of Stirling are keen for their Provost to attend, I’ll do everything I can to be there.”

For more info on the role of Stirling's Provost and how to request the Provost to attend an event, visit:

A piper leads a parade of fisherman, including the Provost, through the streets of Callander.
Provost Dodds cast the first angling line of the season into the River Teith on February 1 2023.


The role of the Provost dates back to the 12th century when Stirling first became a royal burgh under David I. The Provost was responsible for collecting taxes on behalf of the sheriff of Stirling, who in turn paid them to the Crown. The later middle ages saw Stirling’s Merchant Guildry secure control of the council and the office of Provost.

The role of the Provost within the council and the community has not changed significantly in recent times. Typically, he or she has been a long-serving Councillor with experience of high municipal office. The Provost was chosen by the Councillors to act as the figurehead of the council within the community and the representative of the both the council and the community in the wider world.

More information

For more info on the role of Stirling's Provost and how to request the Provost to attend an event, visit:"  

A picture of the Provost putting soil into the ground with a shovel as he plants a tree.
The Provost planted a tree at The Royal Gardens on Keir Street/Westeron Drive in Bridge of Allan to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III in May 2023.

A picture of the Provost in black suit carrying a wreath of poppies at a Remembrance Sunday service.
The Provost has represented Stirling Council at a range of events, including Remembrance Sunday in November 2022.

A picture of the Provost standing beside local resident Davis Berrie, with a 'Happy 100' birthday banner in the background.
Provost Dodds brought local resident David Berrie, a former RAF serviceman, a dram to toast his 100th birthday in December 2022.

A picture of the provost, addressing an audience in a church setting, as he reads from a lectern.
The Provost gave a reading at a remembrance service to Queen Elizabeth II at the Church of the Holy Rude in November 2022.

Provost presents a framed picture to a member of the US curling team as his team-mates look on in the background.
Provost Dodds extended a warm greeting to a touring team of curlers from the United States in January 2023.

The Provost is pictured as part of a row of six men, standing behind a stone dyke in which has been placed a memorial stone to a former Belgian airman
In January 2023, the Provost unveiled a memorial to a Belgian fighter pilot on the 80th anniversary of his death, when his spitfire crash landed at North Third.