Stirling schools and nursery praised by inspectors

Education Scotland inspectors have heaped praise on Buchlyvie Primary School and Newton Primary School and Nursery Class.

Pupils at Newton Primary School
Newton Primary School and Nursery Class received an evaluation of 'Very Good' across all national framework quality indicators

Inspectors highlighted strengths in a number of areas including leadership, achievement and attainment after visiting the schools and nursery in October and November 2023 and speaking to staff, management and families.

Newton Primary School and Nursery class were both given an evaluation of ‘Very Good’ across all four all quality indicators from the national framework:

  • Leadership of change
  • Learning, teaching and assessment
  • Ensuring wellbeing, equality and inclusion
  • Raising attainment and achievement (school only)
  • Securing children’s progress (nursery only)

Buchlyvie Primary School was assessed against two quality indicators: learning, teaching and assessment; and raising attainment and achievement. It received an evaluation of ‘Very Good’ for both.

'Happy, confident and independent learners'

Yvonne Gibb, Headteacher at Buchlyvie Primary School said: “We are delighted that the inspection report praised our high standards of attainment in literacy and numeracy alongside the very warm and positive relationships between adults and children.

“The inspection report acknowledged our skilful teachers who ensure that our multi-stage composite classes enjoy learning that is meaningful and relevant so that children at Buchlyvie Primary are happy, confident and independent learners.”

'Report reflects ethos, values and standards'

Linda Kane, Headteacher at Newton Primary School said: “I am very proud to have the privilege of leading our school and nursery community with the support of the senior leadership team; Miss Alison, Mrs Brown and Ms Murray.

“Thank you to all of our staff, pupils, parents, families and partners who contribute daily to the life and work of the school. We are delighted with our inspection report which we feel fully reflects our school and nursery ethos, values and standards.”

Children and Young People Convener Cllr Margaret Brisley said: “It’s clear that the approach to care and learning taken by staff and management at Newton Primary School and Nursery Class and Buchlyvie Primary School is helping children to thrive and reach their potential.

“I welcome these reports from inspectors at Education Scotland and would like to offer my warm congratulations to the staff, children and families. There is no doubt that the reports are thoroughly well deserved and everyone should be proud that their hard work is reflected in them.”

Additional aspects of service delivery to be praised were:

  • Warm and positive relationships between adults and children in Buchlyvie Primary School, helping children to be happy, confident and independent learners.
  • Staff at Newton Primary School meeting the needs of all children through high quality planning, including targeted support for children who require more challenge in their learning.
  • Motivating learning and teaching approaches throughout Newton Primary School and Nursery Class.

Each report can be viewed online on the Education Scotland website.