Stirling seeks community input for innovative city centre art project

Residents are being asked for their ideas for an illustrated mural that celebrates the Stirling area’s history and people.

An artist sits at a desk in an exterior green space with art materials in front of him. Behind him stand two adults and they are surrounded by children who hold prints of Stirling images to the camera.
Pupils from Riverside Primary joined Cllr Chris Kane (back left), Hazel Ritchie from Scene Stirling (back right) and David Galletly (front centre) at the site of the mural.

The innovative project will allow the public to shape the design of the unique artwork in the green space directly across from Stirling train station, one of the busiest in Scotland.

It will be brought to life by Stirling artist David Galletly and, fittingly, it will be completed in 2024 when the Royal Burgh of Stirling marks its 900th anniversary.

Major events, famous figures, community champions – anything that tells the story of Stirling and the surrounding area can be suggested for inclusion by visiting:

David will take inspiration from the local knowledge shared by residents on the website and create an artwork that reflects how the people of Stirling view the area and all it means to them.

The deadline for entries is St Andrew’s Day – Thursday 30 November – and everyone, from school pupils to businesses and community groups, are being encouraged to get involved.


Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Chris Kane said: “Initial impressions matter and this new mural will be the first thing many residents and visitors see when they arrive in Stirling.

“Our area is renowned for being central to the history of Scotland. We are always keen to embrace our rich heritage but we’re also keen to celebrate more contemporary successes.

“The site of the mural once housed a Dominican Friary. It’s around the corner from Riverside, which was home to one of the UK’s first oil refineries in the 1860s, and just along the road from the old Regal Cinema, which residents of a certain age will remember from their youth.

“Stirling and its surrounding areas may once have been home to Kings and Queens, but more modern personalities have also made their mark on popular culture.

“We are looking for suggestions on significant events, iconic figures and memorable moments that should be included in this one-of-a-kind installation. Contributions from residents of all ages will help ensure this celebration of Stirling's history truly reflects the spirit of our community.”

A picture of a grey wooden fence, which frames a small parkland setting in the foreground
The new mural depicting the history, communities and personalities of the Stirling area will be the first thing many people see when they arrive in the city.

A range of organisations are involved in the project, including Stirling Council, Scene Stirling and Go Forth Stirling.

Kevin Harrison, Manager of Scene Stirling, said: “We’ve teamed up with Stirling Council, Go Forth and the dedicated team of community organisations to create this exciting art installation.

“We’re delighted to collaborate with the exceptionally talented local illustrator, David Galletly, to craft a design inspired by Stirling's rich 900-year history.

“David will help bring our city's vibrant history to life. But we don't want this to be just a straightforward historical account – we want it to be the community's story too.

“Let us know which significant events, memorable moments and notable figures you think it should feature.”


David Galletly, who is well known for his detailed illustrations of Stirling’s historic buildings, added: "Stirling's history is a tapestry woven with countless stories, and I'm excited to illustrate some of those narratives on this mural.

“I’d encourage everyone to share their thoughts on what aspects of our city's history should be included. Let's make this a true community effort."

Locals can contribute their insights and ideas by filling out the form available at The deadline for submissions is St Andrew’s Day – Thursday 30 November.