Storm Arwen lessons shape Council advice for winter power outage

Stirling Council is advising residents on how to prepare for an extended power outage during winter, informed by the experiences of Storm Arwen.

Cllr Jen Preston with some items included in the Ready Scotland guidance for making a home emergency pack (blanket, flask, battery operated torch, first aid kit) also hand warmers and candles
Items recommended to include in a home emergency pack include battery operated torches, blankets, first aid kits and flasks

Some homes in Stirling Council area were left without power for five days following the storm, which battered the country just over a year ago.

Residents are being encouraged to create home resilience packs and emergency plans in the event of a protracted power cut, and to give thought to family members and neighbours who may be in need.

A guide on what to include in a home resilience pack and plan can be found at the Ready Scotland website. Stirling’s community councils can also access information on resilient communities and emergency planning at the Ready Scotland website here.

The Council continues to work with other emergency response services to learn from Storm Arwen.

Convener of the Environment, Transport and Net Zero Committee, Cllr Jen Preston said: “Storm Arwen was one of the most severe weather events that we have faced in a generation, with hundreds of homes across Stirling area left without power for several days.

“While an extended national power outage is unlikely, it’s important and prudent that we work with our communities to equip them with the tools and knowledge to be resilient should the situation arise. It is also good practice to be prepared if localised outages are caused by adverse weather conditions.

“We are in dialogue with community councils across the area to ensure resources are shared among communities and we have reviewed our internal processes so that essential services will be prioritised among those who need support the most.

“I would also strongly encourage households to make use of Ready Scotland’s guidance on making a home emergency plan and emergency items list to make sure that they are able to cope with power and utility outages.

“It’s better for all of us to be prepared for a significant power outage. Let’s all make sure that if required that we do our bit to take care of each other.”