Your View – 2022 Stirling Council Residents' Survey

The 2022 Stirling Council Residents' Survey is officially underway.

A graphic promoting Stirling Council's Residents' Survey with Old Viewforth in the foreground and Stirling Castle on the horizon
Resident's survey 2022

“Your View” will give people living locally the chance to have their say on satisfaction levels with the Council and its services, following on from the last survey in 2019.

The survey is open to every Council resident, as well as those who work or study in the Stirling Council area.

The survey will run until 20 October and is accessible via Engage Stirling, or via direct link

Paper copies will also be available in local libraries.

"If you have something to say, take part"

Stirling Council Leader, Cllr Chris Kane, said: “The Residents’ Survey covers everything the Council does; from roads and recycling to education and events, and everything in between. It’s important we give people the opportunity to have their say on these issues on a regular basis.

“We know a lot has changed in the past three years and we need to know what we’re doing well and what we need to improve, so I’d encourage everybody to take a few minutes and tell us what you think. 

“It’s important we consult on individual issues and specific topics, which we do on an ongoing basis, but this survey asks similar questions year after year, which allows us to see how we’re doing over a longer term.

“By comparing the information to the results from the last survey in 2019, we can understand shifts in opinion and make informed decisions on what we need to do to deliver the best services we can in the way that people want to interact with.

“If you’ve got something to say, take part in this year’s survey.”

Information from this survey will help services prepare for the future, influence budgets, spending, prioritisation of work and the Council’s wider strategic aims.