Customer charter

The Customer Charter tells you the type of service we provide.

View or Download the Customer Charter.

Other relevant documents include the following:

What we do.

We aim to protect and improve the health, safety and convenience of people using buildings. We do this mainly through the building warrant process.


  • approve or reject any application for a building warrant
  • inspect building works that have a building warrant
  • enforce compliance with conditions on building warrant
  • issue and accept or reject completion certificate
  • deal with dangerous buildings.

We aim to:

  • give you accurate information
  • give an initial response within 20 working days on 80% of applications for building warrant received. An initial response will be either a building warrant or a request for corrected or additional information
  • give an initial response within 10 working days on 80% of applications for completion certificates or submission of a completion certificate.

We also:

  • measure our performance and make it available here.
  • are also audited by the Scottish Government through the Building Standards Division.
  • are normally open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. We provide a duty service from Monday to Friday 9 am - 1 pm.

We are located at:

Teith House
Kerse Road

Help us to help you:

Our ability to provide you with a quick response depends on a number of factors. Many of which we do not control, so please understand that we do not guarantee response times.

The time we take to respond will depend on:

  • the number of applicants we are processing at that time.
  • the staff available.
  • if the information submitted is accurate and complete.

Your application is checked for compliance with the Building Standards.

If it does not demonstrate compliance, we will not issue a building warrant and this will cause you a delay.

We do not tell you how to comply, as that is the responsibility of the applicant.

However, if you want to meet with a member of staff to discuss your application please arrange an appointment by calling us on 01786 233600.

Delays can be reduced if you understand the Scottish Building Procedure Regulations and the Scottish Building Standards.

The Services of an Architect or similar professional may be useful to you.