Monitoring planning

Monitoring helps us understand whether our planning policies and proposals in the development plan are achieving what they set out to do, and informs any future reviews of the plan.

Housing land audit

A housing land audit has two key functions:

  • to demonstrate the availability of sufficient effective land to meet the requirement for a continuous five-year supply
  • to provide a snapshot of the amount of land available for the construction of housing at any particular time

The Stirling Council housing land audit provides a comprehensive description of all current sites for housing in the Stirling Council area, excluding areas within the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. It identifies all housing sites with capacity for 4 or more dwellings – new build, as well as conversions and sub-divisions.

The annual audit reflects the changing nature of housing markets and market conditions.

Employment land audit

The Stirling Council employment land audit provides an annual update on the supply of employment land and development activity across the Stirling local development plan area.

Retail monitoring report

The Stirling retail monitoring report gives an overview of changing activity (uses, occupiers and floorspace) within the Stirling area including the city centre, out of town areas and the outlying local and village centres.

The report focuses on retail, which is recognised as largely underpinning the function and value of centres, but also includes surveys of other cities/local centre uses.

Vacant and derelict land audit

This report covers the Stirling Council planning authority area, which excludes the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.