Planning enforcement

Purpose of enforcement

Enforcement within the planning process is necessary for monitoring development and investigating potential breaches of planning control.

Stirling Council is empowered to investigate possible unauthorised developments and take any appropriate remedial action. The main areas of investigation involve:

  • unauthorised changes of use of land or buildings
  • work being carried out without planning permission
  • breaches of conditions attached to planning permission

Where possible, we will remedy unauthorised actions through negotiation rather than statutory action, perhaps by way of a retrospective application, or suggested alterations to ongoing development. However, in cases where a breach has a detrimental impact, the Council can serve an enforcement notice, or even a stop notice requiring the immediate cessation of activities.

Our planning enforcement charter contains more information about enforcement.

Enforcement notice register summary

Aspects of the enforcement register can be accessed through the Scottish Government ePlanning portal.

View a summary of the enforcement register.

If you need further detailed information about an enforcement notice, the complete register is available to view at our offices, Monday to Friday 9am–5pm.

How to make an enforcement enquiry request

If you want us to investigate what you believe may be a breach of a planning condition, complete an enforcement enquiry form at the bottom of this page or download and email/post the information to us. Details of where to send it are on the downloadable form.

Enforcement enquiry form

Enquiry form guidance note

Planning permission is needed for most developments. Enforcement action can be taken if work is being carried out without permission. All enquiries and complaints are dealt with in confidence, however, if a criminal case is sent to the Procurator Fiscal your details would be disclosed.