Planning performance framework

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The planning performance framework (PPF) was introduced by planning authorities in 2012. Developed by Heads of Planning Scotland and supported by the Scottish Government, the PPF captures key elements of a high-performing planning service in an annual report.

Planning Performance Framework reports contain both qualitative and quantitative indicators of performance, including the speed of decision-making, and set out proposals for service improvement, giving a balanced measurement of the overall quality of the planning service and contributing towards driving a culture of continuous improvement.

The Scottish Government provide feedback on the PPF focused around the 15 Performance Markers with red, amber, and green ratings given based on the evidence provided within the PPF report.

The survey results have been published in two reports which are available here.

Planning Performance Framework:

On the whole, the results are very positive and indicate a high level of customer satisfaction with the service that we provide. However there are a number of areas where it is clear that we can improve, and we are taking steps to do so.