Street naming and numbering

Stirling Council is responsible for naming and numbering new streets, and naming and numbering new buildings in existing streets within the local authority area. This includes the council area that lies within the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Street names

While there's no guarantee that any name or names proposed will be adopted, we would be more inclined towards names that are linked to the history or a previous use of the area. When we receive an application requiring street naming we will consult with the Community Council and the relevant councillors before the proposal is submitted to the Council for approval.

Property names

Adding a property name

If your property has a postal number but you also want to name your property, an application should be made to Stirling Council. We’ll check any proposed names to make sure that there’s no duplication locally.

Changing a property name

If your property has a name, you can apply to change the name of the property. again we will check any name proposed to ensure that there’s no duplication of the name locally.


These are issued by the Royal Mail. We’ll tell them about any new addresses allocated, and If you’re the applicant, we’ll let you know the full postal address when we hear back from them.

How to apply

Download an application form

You can enclose a cheque to cover the fee (see application form) with your completed application. If you prefer you can pay by phone or via BACS – call 01786 233660 – after we’ve registered your application.

Property naming and numbering requests are normally processed within a week. Street naming depends on the need for local consultation and can take up to eight weeks to complete the process.

Further information

Download Stirling Council’s: Guide to addressing

Phone: 01786 233669