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Building Standards

COVID 19 Update 

Unfortunately after the announcement last night we are all now working remotely.  We are trying to continue to operate as normal a service as possible but unfortunately there will be some disruptions.

As we are working remotely we can only process applications submitted electronically, therefore we would advise that you submit any applications through the e-buildingstandards portal.

Surveyors are still available to discuss applications, you can contact them by email in the first instance.

Site Inspections 

All general site inspections have been suspended and have been replaced with the submission of alternative evidence to determine reasonable enquiry. This should be discussed with your case officer in advance. We have discontinued drain tests (necessitating a site visit) and are accepting temporary certificates in domestic situations where a final drain test is the only matter outstanding. This may enable occupation of a building allowing the contractor/agent to arrange a drain test at a later date.

In all cases all life safety matters must be satisfactorily resolved.

In an emergency situation some site inspections will be undertaken in the interests of public safety.

We are continuing to receive and issue Building Warrants and accept Completion submissions and Temporary Occupation certificates.

Copy Documents

Unfortunately we cannot provide copy documents at this time.  We can however supply you with an extract from our registers.  This is a document produced from the register with all relevant information on it.  We can only do these for Building Warrants/ Amendments or Completion Certificates.  We will not be able to provide copy plans or any other documents at this time.

Extension to Periods of Validity

If your Building Warrant is due to expire in the next 6 months and you are concerned about the impact of COVID 19 on the construction being completed in time an Extension to Period of the Validity of The Building Warrant can be applied for. This application form can be found in the forms area of our web page. Any queries in this regard can be discussed with our duty officer or emailed to our