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Strategic Environmental Assesment

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a method for considering the effect of public plans, programmes and strategies are likely to have on the environment. It is a process for incorporating environmental considerations into decision-making at an early stage and in an integrated way.

The requirement to undertake SEA was established by a European Directive in 2001 and came into force in Scotland as the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005.   The Act requires the Council to consider all policies, plans and programmes for SEA, as well as alterations to and reviews of existing plans.

There are a number of stages set out in the legislation that require consultation with Historic Scotland, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, and Scottish Natural Heritage via the Scottish Government SEA Gateway.  There is also a requirement to consult with members of the public affected by, likely to be affected by, or having an interest in the proposed plan, policy or programme. This is done by preparing an Environmental Report which sets out the likely significant effects on the environment of implementing the draft plan.

State of the Environment Report

The main aim of the State of the Environment Report (2009) is to identify and report on the condition of key aspects of the environment of the Stirling area.  

A significant driver in developing and monitoring Stirling’s State of the Environment (SoE) report is to signpost baseline information for Strategic Environmental Assessment.

By presenting a snapshot of environmental conditions and setting a baseline for monitoring change, the SoE Report provides a tool for better understanding and management of the local environment.

Reports will be produced on a regular basis to assist in measuring progress towards the Council’s sustainable development aims.

 Scotland’s Environment Web

A website provided by Scotland’s key environment and health agencies that will act as an information hub for everything you want to know about Scotland’s environment.  This three-year project, supported by funding from the European Union, will put Scotland at the global forefront of sharing environmental information, prioritising problems and involving citizens in assessing and improving their own environment.

Key Scottish Environment Statistics

Rural Scotland Key Facts

SEA and Planning

The following Planning documents have been assessed using the SEA process:

Renewable Energy (Wind Turbines) Supplementary Planning Guidance.
Scoping Report.

Local Development Plan.
LDP Background Reports
Interim Environmental Report.