Review of Supplementary Guidance.

We are undertaking a review of all our Supplementary Guidance (SG) documents following the adoption of a new Local Development Plan in October 2018.

Supplementary Guidance documents support policies within the Local Development Plan by providing more detailed information. They are used in addition to the Local Development Plan to guide new development and assess planning applications made to the Council.

Supplementary Guidance on a range of different topics is being consolidated and updated as appropriate. In most cases the changes being proposed to each policy area are minor and it is simply a case of rolling forward the documents to the new plan.

This table provides an overview of our timetable for reviewing and adopting our supplementary guidance.

Current Consultation on Draft Supplementary Guidance

Monday 24th of June until Friday 6th September 2019.

Following approval at the Environment and Housing Committee on 11 April 2019 Supplementary Guidance (SG)  on the following three subjects has now been published for a consultation:-

SG - Housing in the Countryside and Design Guide

SG - Transport and Access for New Development

SG - Flood Risk Management and the Water Environment

In summary:-

SG - Housing in the Countryside has been subject to the previous consultation. Following discussion, further changes have been made relating to the definitions of Building Groups, Infill Developments and circumstances where Housing in the Countryside criteria will apply in the designated green belt.

A further round of consultation is being undertaken to allow public comment on these changes.

SG - Transport and Access for New Development supports Policy 3.1 of the Stirling Local Development Plan 2018 by providing guidance on ensuring safe, convenient and a realistic choice of access to new development, whereby the impact on the safety and efficiency of existing transport networks created by new travel demand is minimised.

SG - Flood Risk Management and the Water Environment consolidates two previous SGs, its purpose is to provide information on national planning guidance and legislation relating to flood risk management and protecting and improving the water environment.

Stirling Council welcomes views and comments on the draft guidance.

The consultation runs from Monday 24th June until Friday 6th September 2019.

Previous Consultation on Draft Supplementary Guidance

The draft SG below have previously been consulted on but have not yet been adopted.

Developer Contributions


Small Settlements

Any comments should be submitted using the response form available online and sent to:

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If you have any queries relating to the Supplementary Guidance consultation or any other aspect of the Local Development Plan please contact the Planning & Policy team on 01786 233660 or e-mail