Review of Supplementary Guidance.

Stirling Council is undertaking a review of all its Supplementary Guidance (SG) documents following the adoption of a new Local Development Plan on October 2018.

Supplementary Guidance documents support policies within the Local Development Plan by providing more detailed information. They are used in addition to the Local Development Plan to guide new development and assess planning applications made to the Council.

Supplementary Guidance on a range of different topics is being consolidated and updated as appropriate. In most cases the changes being proposed to each policy area are minor and it is simply a case of rolling forward the documents to the new plan.

This table provides an overview of our timetable for reviewing and adopting our supplementary guidance.

Developer Contributions Supplementary Guidance

On Thursday 7th February 2019, the Environment and Housing Committee approved draft supplementary guidance on Developer Contributions for public consultation.

Developer contributions are paid by developers in certain circumstances to mitigate the impact of their development and to help deliver affordable housing. The draft supplementary guidance sets out the circumstances in which financial or other contributions will be sought from new developments towards education; transport; affordable housing; waste management; open space; and health care facilities. It also proposes the level of contribution required.

In setting out this detail, the supplementary guidance seeks to provide developers with more certainty as to what level of contributions the Council will require as part of planning applications for new development.

The Draft Supplementary Guidance can be viewed here:

Draft Developer Contributions Supplementary Guidance.

SEA Screening Report.

Comments on the draft supplementary guidance can be made up until Friday 10th May 2019. Any comments should be submitted using the response form and sent to:; or SG Consultation, Planning and Building Standards, Stirling Council, Teith House, Kerse Road, Stirling, FK7 7QA.

If you have any queries relating to the Supplementary Guidance or any other aspect of the Local Development Plan, please contact the Planning and Policy team on 01786 233660, or e-mail

Previous Consultations

We have already undertaken consultation on the following supplementary guidance and are in the process of preparing final versions for adoption:

Biodiversity and Landscape:  Part 1  and  Part 2.

Historic Environment - comprising of the following sections


Boundaries and Hardstandings

Energy Efficiency and Micro-Renewables

Historic Building Recording



Windows and Doors

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