Street naming, numbering and addressing

Street Name Plates

Applications for a new address, street name, changes to an existing address or addressing, in general, can only be made by application form together with the correct fee.

Payment can be made by a cheque accompanying your application.

The timescale for processing these applications will vary depending on exactly what has been requested. Property naming and numbering can be processed in a few days, street naming, however, depending on the need for local consultation, can take up to eight weeks.

Stirling Council, under Section 97 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, has responsibility for naming and numbering new streets within Stirling Council, including its area within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, and the naming and numbering of new buildings erected on an existing street. Planning Services undertake this responsibility on behalf of the Council.

This service is essential for the work of the emergency services, public utilities, postal service and the public in general.

Street Names

In selecting a new street name, consideration is given to the previous history and use of the site, and whilst any proposed names submitted by the developer will be considered, there is no guarantee that they will be adopted. The local elected members and Community Council are consulted on any proposed street names, before the proposal can be submitted to the appropriate Council committee for approval.

Property names

If your property has a name but no postal number, and you wish to change the name of the property, this can be done. However, any proposed name will have to be checked by the Council to avoid duplication locally.

If you have a postal number and wish to name your property as well, there is no requirement to register any proposed name with the Council, however, it is recommended that you contact us to ensure that there is no duplication of house names in the local area. You can then display the name on your property, and use the name as part of your address, however it should be noted that unless the name has been registered with The Royal Mail, the allocated number is likely to take priority in any address search and should always be included when quoting your address to avoid any potential problems with the emergency services, deliveries, etc.


Issued by The Royal Mail following notification of any new addresses from ourselves, Stirling Council will then notify the applicant of the full postal address.

Corporate Address Gazetteer (CAG)

Stirling Council, in common with all local authorities in Scotland, now maintains a definitive Corporate Address Gazetteer, which contains addresses for all properties (as well as some land and other assets relating to council business) within Stirling Council.


Dealing with the various requests covering all aspects of addressing can involve a significant amount of staff time, and the charge is intended to go some way to recover these costs. The current 'banded' price list relates to requests for the naming or numbering of new properties (including sub-divisions) or a change of name of an existing property where there is no number.

Any subsequent re-numbering of a previously addressed scheme/development will be charged using the same banded rates.

Further Information

To enquire about any aspect of Street Naming and Numbering not covered in the above, please check the Stirling Council Street Naming, Numbering & Addressing Policy, phone (01786) 233669, or e-mail with any questions that you may have.


Last updated: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 4:28 PM