Ladywell Park is unique in character as it's dissected by the Bannock Burn watercourse creating an 'upper' and 'lower' park. The upper park can be accessed via Bruce Street and the lower park via Firs Crescent.

A prominent feature within the park is the B listed historical circular arch road bridge built in 1819 by Thomas Telford. It's not until you're in Ladywell Park that you can appreciate the circular masonry bridge that thousands of drivers and pedestrians cross every day.

A Masterplan of Ladywell Park was completed in 2011. Since then the improvements that have been made have allowed visitors to enjoy the facilities and open space. The improved path network and steps connecting the upper and lower parks allow access for all users.


  • Play area for all ages
  • Playing fields
  • BMX track
  • Car parking
  • Walks linking to Bannockburn Heritage Trail
  • Walks linking to Balquidderock Wood (Site of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserve)
  • Seating
  • Shelter
 Ladywell Park and its facilities are free and open for use at all times.