Electric vehicle charging points

A guide to our charging points, including where you can find them, how much it costs to use them and how you can report problems.


To support electric car ownership and reduce pollution, we've installed electric vehicle charging points across the council area.

As part of our Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy, we have introduced:

  • charges for using these points
  • an overstay fee for rapid chargers

You can read about the decision to introduce these charges in the Stirling Council meeting minutes from 6 October 2022.

Where you can find our charging points

You can find all of our charging points on ChargePlace Scotland's interactive map.

For each charging point, the map makes it clear:

  • what type of charger or chargers the point has
  • what's currently available or in use
  • how you can drive there

Types of charger

We provide 3 types of charger. What's available will vary from one point to another. You can check this on the ChargePlace Scotland site.

Standard charger

Our standard chargers:

  • are 'alternating current' (AC)
  • have a Type 2 connector
  • have a maximum power output of 7kW

Fast charger

Our fast chargers:

  • are AC
  • have a Type 2 connector
  • have a maximum power output of 22kW

Rapid charger

Our rapid chargers have 3 types of connector.

CCS connector

These connectors:

  • are 'direct current' (DC)
  • have a maximum power output of 50kW

CHAdeMO connector

These connectors:

  • are DC
  • have a maximum power output of 50kW

Type 2 connector

These connectors:

  • are AC
  • have a maximum power output of 43kW


Our current rates are:

  • 45p/kWh for using a standard charger, except those at Castleview and Springkerse P&R, which are 35p/kWh
  • 45p/kWh for using a fast charger, except those at Castleview, which are 35p/kWh
  • 59p/kWh for using a rapid charger

For all types of charger, the minimum fee is £2.00.

Overstay fee for rapid chargers

To make sure that access to our rapid chargers is fair, we charge an overstay fee.

You'll need to pay this fee if you exceed both:

  • the 40-minute charging period
  • the 10-minute 'grace' period

This current overstay fee is £1 per minute.

The maximum fee is £60.

You'll be charged this overstay fee even if:

  • you used the rapid charger because there was an issue with another charger
  • you left your vehicle plugged in for longer because there was an issue with the rapid charger's output
  • the sign with charging information and costs was damaged or missing
  • you did not unplug your vehicle in time due to exceptional circumstances


Overstay fees are non-refundable.

Report a problem with a charger

If you have a problem with a charger, you should report this to ChargePlace Scotland.

Follow these steps to report the issue.

  1. Find the charger's unique ID.
  2. Tell ChargePlace Scotland by using their fault reporting form or by calling them on 0141 648 0750.

Report a problem with our signage

Let us know if signage at a charging site has been:

  • damaged
  • vandalised
  • stolen

Follow these steps to report the issue.

  1. If the signage is for a particular charger, find its unique ID.
  2. Email the details to evchargers@stirling.gov.uk.

Other charging points

Our charging points are part of the ChargePlace Scotland network. You can see this network in full on ChargePlace Scotland’s website.

To find out about charging points that are not part of this network, you can use an app or website like Zap-Map or PlugShare.


Companies that provide charging point apps and websites might also promote their own paid services.