Enterprise Car Club

Pay-as-you-go car and van hire in Stirling

Enterprise Car Club club provides Stirling residents with easy access to a range of fuel-efficient, hybrid and electric cars and a van. These are available 24/7 from dedicated on-street parking bays and Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches.

Club members can also access vehicles located in towns and cities across Scotland and the UK. Vehicles are often located at transport hubs or railway stations, making it easy to combine public transport with a car at the other end.

Enterprise Car Club is Stirling Council’s official car club provider.

How to join

The simplest way is to join online at the Enterprise Car Club website. Membership costs £20 a year or £2 a month. Under-22s – drivers aged 19 to 21 – can join for £6 a month.

Visit the Enterprise Car Club website

If you prefer, you can call them on 0345 266 9290.

If you’re already a member of another car club you can join for £1 using the promotional code COMP600. You’ll need to provide details of your other memberships.

Costs and booking

Vehicles cost from from £4.50 an hour. Prices include VAT. Mileage costs 21 pence per mile. Fuel, insurance and roadside assistance are included. No deposit is needed.

You can book online or with the club’s mobile app. You can cancel a reservation up to five hours before your trip completely free of charge.

Enterprise Car Club for business

Enterprise Car Club offers benefits for businesses too. It can be an efficient and effective alternative to taxi journeys and employees using their own car. Travel cost management can be simplified through centralised billing and reporting.

More information about business benefits.


Using shared transport, such as car clubs, helps to reduce congestion and improve air quality in our city.

Enterprise Car Club works with Stirling Council to support our local transport strategy as part of our journey to becoming an ultra-low emission city.

According to CoMoUK, the UK body responsible for driving the UK’s transition towards integrated mobility solutions, car club cars produce 43% less CO2 from emissions than the average UK car. Their research also reveals that each car club car displaces 10.5 private cars and defers 12 private car purchases.

More about Enterprise Car Club’s positive impact on environments and communities.