Report a blocked or broken drain

Drains on the Stirling Council roads network are regularly maintained, but sometimes blockages or other issues occur. Find out how to report issues.

Blocked drains

Drains can become blocked for a number of reasons.

During heavy rainfall and icy conditions, drains may be slower to clear. This can be due to the drain capacity rather than an actual blockage.

During the autumn months, falling leaves can be a major cause of blocked drains. Clearing the leaves away from any drain near your home, when it's safe to do so, can help lessen the risk of large puddles forming.

If a drain does not clear, this is likely caused by a build up of silt and debris. Use the form to tell us about these blockages.

Broken drain covers

Sometimes drain covers become damaged or broken. If you notice a missing or damaged drain cover, please report it using the form. Missing covers will be made safe until they have been replaced.

Public sewer flooding

To report public sewer flooding please contact Scottish Water.

Water in your home

If a blocked or broken drain is causing water to flow into your home, our roads team may be able to attend to sort the problem. Call us on 01786 404040 if you need emergency help.

Flooding on the road

If there's water on the road not caused by rain, it's most likely a burst water pipe. You should report these problems to Scottish Water.


In the event of a major flood, Stirling Council can provide sandbags to help affected residents.

You can collect sandbags from these locations. Call us on 01786 404040 to check availability before you travel.