Exclusion from school

Exclusion is a last resort

Occasionally, a child or young person may be excluded from school. This means they are not allowed to attend school for a few days. Schools will only exclude a child as a last resort, and after other measures have been tried.

Exclusion allows time for any assessment or planning that might be needed. It also gives the child or young person time to reflect on the activity that caused the exclusion.

What happens when a child is excluded

Schools must follow set procedures when they exclude a child or young person. Schools will:

  • contact parents or carers in writing to let them know why the child or young person is being excluded
  • provide learning activities which the child or young person can complete while they are away from school
  • agree a date when the child can return to school

A parent or carer can appeal against the exclusion. Details of how to do this will be in the letter from the school. The school will have a meeting or conversation with the parent or carer to plan for a positive return to school.