Guidance for parent councils on public liability insurance

First published

09 Apr 2019

Last updated

04 Aug 2022

Our guidance

The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 (“the Act”) is specific in relation to Parent Council members not incurring personal liability for anything done in exercise of the Parent Council’s functions, if done in good faith.

The Act aims to give independence to Parent Councils and therefore the Parent Councils are not “tied up” to the Local Authority. This has implications for their public liability.

The types of activities that Parent Councils are involved in that require public liability insurance including running fundraising and other events where there are risks to third parties, i.e. members of the public.

Parent Councils are insured through Council membership with ‘Connect’. Connect is a national membership organisation and charity for parents and carers with children in school. The insurance covers public liability, employers’ liability, personal accidents, fidelity guarantee, property, loss of money and business interruption.

Further information

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