Getting transport to a nursery

Getting your child to and from nursery is the parent or carer's responsibility. In some circumstances, Stirling Council will arrange transport for your child.

Who can apply for nursery transport?

Stirling Council only provides nursery transport in exceptional circumstances. At least one of the following conditions must apply:

  • the child is recorded or at risk of being recorded on the Child Protection Register
  • the child has just been removed from the Child Protection Register
  • there has been a change in family circumstances that has caused acute stress and where grave or specific concerns have been identified by an appropriate agency
  • the child has Special Educational Needs
  • the child is looked after by the local authority, is under a Statutory Supervision Order or is in foster care
  • the child’s family has an additional Health Plan Indicator (HPI)
  • there is evidence of family stress, such as deprivation, bereavement, multiple births, chronic illness, mental health issues or relationship breakdown
  • the family has no personal transport, access to public transport or options to car share
  • the family home is in an isolated rural location

How to apply

If you think you or your child's circumstances qualify your child for nursery transport, speak to the head of your child's nursery.

If your request is approved, we will appoint an approved taxi firm to manage nursery transport for your child.