Education in Gaelic language

Gaelic medium education – where lessons are taught in Gaelic – is available to all children in Scotland, whether they can already speak Gaelic or not.

Primary school Gaelic education

At Riverside Primary School, children are taught solely through Gaelic from P1 to P3. English literacy is introduced at the end of P3. From then onwards, literacy skills progress in both Gaelic and English.

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Secondary school Gaelic education

Gaelic medium learning is continued at Wallace High School. Young people can progress their learning from S1-S3 into the senior phase, leading to the award of National Qualifications.

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Stirling Council’s Gaelic language plan has been prepared in accordance with statutory criteria set out in the 2005 Act, and having regard to the National Gaelic Language Plan and the Guidance on the Development of Gaelic Language Plans.