If your child is entering P1, you should enrol them at their catchment area primary school before the end of January of the year you want them to start school.

If your child already attends a nursery class within your catchment school, you still need to enrol for primary school. If you're new to, or moving to, the Stirling area, you should enrol your child at their catchment area primary school as soon as you can provide the required residency documents.

Once you have submitted your child’s enrolment form, if you have any further queries please contact your catchment school directly.

Stirling Council Admissions to Schools Policy

Placing requests

Before you make a placing request, you need to register your child at their catchment school. You can submit a placing request later.

Before you begin

You will need:

  • your child’s birth certificate
  • proof of residency in the catchment area

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