Home education

Educating your child at home

In Scotland, all parents of school age children must provide an education that's appropriate to a child’s age and ability. Most choose to do this by sending their child to school. If you prefer, you can educate your child at home.

Children already at school

If your child already attends a local authority school – such as one run by Stirling Council – and you want to educate them at home, you must seek our consent to withdraw them. The procedures for doing this are in our home education guidelines that can be found in the related items.

Children not at school yet

If your child has never been enrolled at a local authority school, you do not need to seek consent to educate them at home. You can choose whether or not to notify Stirling Council of your decision.


If you decide to educate your child at home, Stirling Council is not responsible for providing your child with support or for arranging assessments.