Pupil records annual data check

On an annual basis, schools request that parents and carers update the information that they hold for administrative purposes. It is important that this information contains up to date details as the school may use it in the event of an emergency. This information is also used to submit secondary school pupils for SQA examinations. 

When you receive an annual data check you should make any corrections or additions in pen and return to your child's school.

If you move address or change your mobile phone number please remember to notify the school. 

Pupil record information is used in accordance with the Council's data protection strategy.

We continue to work with many partners to improve the quality of educational information in Scotland and the sharing of this through the Scottish Exchange of Educational Data known as ScotXed. The information collected by ScotXed is used for a variety of purposes and the education statistics privacy notice explains more about this. The collection and processing of this information will be fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and with the National Statistics Code of Practice requirements on safeguarding confidentiality.