School Improvement and Performance

Standards and Quality Reports and School Improvement Plans

Each session all schools and nurseries in Stirling produce a Standards and Quality Report to provide a record of the establishment’s progress and performance, including children and young people’s achievements. The Standards and Quality Report also outlines priorities for the coming year.

School Improvement Plans for each session set out key priorities as identified within the Standards and Quality Report and based on effective, collaborative self-evaluation, including an evidence-based approach with careful analysis of data and consideration of national (NIF), regional, local and learning community priorities. Improvement Plans aim to set out clear and practical actions with measurable outcomes which will result in demonstrable improvements for our children and young people.

Please contact schools and nurseries who will direct you to their reports and plans.


The Parentzone website managed by Education Scotland offers public access to information and statistics about Scottish schools. The School Information Dashboard on the Parentzone website brings together a range of information to help raise attainment, ensure all learners have the best chance to succeed, and support school improvement. The dashboard is broken down into three sectors - primary schools, secondary schools and special schools. In each sector, you can look at information for individual schools as well as national data.

School Rolls

Schools, Learning and Education Standards and Quality Report

Our Standards and Quality Report outlines the achievements of the children and young people in the Stirling area. These achievements have been supported by our staff and those who work in our partner services and agencies.

This report has been compiled, with regard to the statutory guidance published by the Scottish Government in April 2017 in relation to the Standards in Scotland's Schools etc Act, 2000 as amended by the Education (Scotland) Act 2016.

Schools, Learning and Education Improvement Plan

Our Improvement Plan outlines the actions Stirling’s schools and nurseries will take to ensure that children and young people have access to high-quality learning and education within a culture of continuous improvement. The Improvement Plan builds on good practice and captures a combination of key strategic areas for improvement, as well as specific aspects of development that will deliver the National Improvement Framework: Achieving Excellence and Equity priorities.

Scottish Attainment Challenge Report

Our Scottish Attainment Challenge Report 2022/23 outlines the progress and impact of Scottish Attainment Challenge (SAC) in Stirling. It considers trends and conclusions in relation to improving outcomes for children and young people affected by poverty. In compiling this report, information has been extracted from analysis of PEF plans, feedback from schools, Standards and Quality Reports and a range of available data. Next steps for implementation are detailed in the report.