Emergency road closures

Emergency road closures

Gartness Road, Killearn, from Sunday 16 June

From Sunday 16 June until Friday 21 June 2024, Gartness Road will be closed from it's junction with the A81 to it's junction with the A811.

This closure is required to ensure the
formal diversion is adhered to and no damage is caused to the road verge and allow time for a TTRO to be processed.

An alternative route is available via A81, A811 and vice versa.

Gartness Road, Killearn

Abercromby Drive, Sunnylaw Road, Bridge of Allan, from Tuesday 18 June

From Tuesday 18 June to Wednesday 26 June 2024, the following restrictions will apply:

Road closure:
Sunnylaw Road: for it's entire length
Abercromby Drive: between the junctions with Sunnylaw Road and Alwood Court

Pavement closure and no parking:
Sunnylaw Road: From the junction with Abercromby Drive for a distance of 66 metres
Abercromby Drive: From the junction with Sunnylaw Road for a distance of 43 metres, on the south side only.

This is due to a dangerous wall.

Abercromby Drive, Sunnylaw Road

Balfunning Road, Balfunning Lane, Balfron, from Tuesday 18 June

From Tuesday 18 June until Saturday 29 June 2024 Balfunning Road and Balfunning Lane in Balfron will be closed as follows:

Balfunning Road: Between the junctions with the A81 and the A811.

Balfunning Lane: Between the junctions with Balfunning Road and the A81

Balfunning Road, Balfunning Lane

C57, Gartmore, from Saturday 21 June

From Saturday 21 June to Saturday 28 June 2024 the C57 in Gartmore will be closed between its junctions with Old Gartmore Road and the A81. This is to facilitate emergency public utility works.

An alternative route is available via the C57, A91 and vice versa.

C57, Gartmore

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We publish notices about upcoming road works and traffic regulation orders on the Tell Me Scotland website.

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