Support services for older people and vulnerable adults

Services that help people access support and stay safe.

Food Train

Food Train is a registered charity that provides home-delivery services and support.

Who it's for

Food Train provides services for older people who are no longer able to manage independently due to:

  • age
  • ill health
  • disability

Services that Food Train can provide

Food Train can:

  • deliver groceries
  • deliver books
  • help with household jobs
  • provide meals
  • provide social contact

How you can ask Food Train for help

To find out more or ask for help, visit the Food Train website.


Keep Safe Scotland

Keep Safe Scotland is a network of safe places within communities across Scotland.

Who it's for

Although the network of safe places is open to everyone, the scheme is aimed at people who feel more vulnerable when out in the community. This might because they have:

  • a sensory impairment
  • a physical disability
  • a learning disability
  • a mental health issue
  • health or mobility issues due to age

Where safe places are located

Approved safe places always have an official sticker to let people know that they're part of the scheme.

You can find safe places in different types of premises, including:

  • shops
  • shopping centres
  • cafés
  • libraries
  • recreational facilities

All safe places are screened by Police Scotland. If you need help whilst you're at one of these place, you can ask trained staff for assistance.

How you can find safe places

You can find safe places using the Keep Safe Scotland app.

This app lets you:

  • identify the nearest safe places, including those in the Clackmannanshire and Stirling Health and Social Care area
  • plan a route
  • contact Police Scotland, if you need to

The app is free, and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Download the Android version of the Keep Safe Scotland app

Download the iOS version of the Keep Safe Scotland app