Residential care for young people

We provide an outreach service that supports children and families, and works to reduce the number of young people that we take into care.

However, in cases where residential care is needed, we can provide a placement in Brucefield Residential Care Home. We can do this if:

  • the young person is aged 12 to 20
  • we’ve assessed the young person’s needs, and they cannot be met within a family

Types of residential placement

Short and medium-term placements

We might provide this type of placement whilst we work with the young person and their family to enable them to return home.

If this is not possible, we’ll accommodate the young person whilst we try to arrange an alternative family placement.

Long-term placements

We might provide this type of placement in cases where an intensive intervention is needed. For example, we might do this if we need to work with other agencies to address complex and challenging behaviours.

Emergency and unplanned admissions

In exceptional circumstances, we might accommodate a young person on an emergency basis. However, if we do this, we’ll take into account the needs of the other young people we’ve already accommodated.

Our care standards

We follow Scottish Government standards on care, including those laid out in Section 50 of the Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010.

This means that a young people in our care has a right to:

  • choice and dignity
  • diversity and safety
  • equality and privacy
  • realise their potential

Our residential accommodation

Brucefield Residential Care Home is a purpose-built council facility in Bannockburn. It can accommodate up to 5 young people at a time.

If you need to contact Brucefield, you can use the following details.

Brucefield Residential Care Home
Park Drive

Telephone: 01786 812386