How to request unpaid work

Some community payback orders involve the person who committed the offence carrying out unpaid work.

This unpaid work:

  • usually lasts between 50 and 300 hours
  • must be completed within a specific period of time
  • can take place on any day of the week

If your community project or initiative needs assistance, you can ask us to provide unpaid work support. We can help with a range of tasks, including:

  • building maintenance and landscaping
  • gardening and landscaping projects
  • ground clearance work
  • improvements to park and community facilities
  • leaflet delivery
  • painting and decorating
  • recycling

When we undertake these tasks, we'll make sure we have the tools needed to carry out the work. However, you’ll need to supply any:

  • paint
  • plants
  • building materials

To ask us for unpaid work support, complete our application form.

Projects that have received unpaid work support

Unpaid work support has already helped a range of projects in the Stirling area, including: