Therapeutic day support

When we can offer support

You can ask us for therapeutic day support if (both apply):

  • you're over 65
  • you're currently getting rehabilitation because you injured yourself or have been ill

Support we can provide

We can work with you to:

  • promote your independence
  • improve your mobility by increasing your confidence and skills
  • reduce the risk of falling
  • help you to socialise with others in your local community

We'll do this by working with NHS Forth Valley to deliver an exercise programme called Otago. Otago is a way to strengthen your leg muscles and improve your balance so there's less chance of you:

  • having a fall
  • getting seriously injured by a fall

Where we provide support

We provide therapeutic day support at:

How you can ask for support

If you want to get therapeutic day support, we'll need to assess your needs.

Find out how you can request social care support

Alternatively, you can ask to be referred by:

  • your GP
  • a district nurse