Change a child's future

Adoption aims to provide a secure, stable life-long family for children who are unable to live with their birth families.  Our adoption service aims to meet the needs of children who are in need of a permanent new family.

Returning Children

Where possible, our aim is to return looked after children to the care of their own parents, or extended family.  For a small number of children, this is not possible and the decision is made to seek an adoptive home for them.  Sometimes this will be with the parents' agreement, however, this decision may be without parental consent.

Our responsibility is to meet the needs of children in our care.  The majority of adopted children are aged 2-5 years and may be adopted along with their siblings.

Children needing adoption often require help and support for their own developmental recovery.  Whilst a child's developmental future may be unclear, we offer a post-Adoption support service which supports you in caring for your child throughout their life.

Children who require adoption

A child may present challenging behaviour as a result of the following experiences.  They may have:

  • experienced the loss of a significant relationship, such as their birth parent(s)
  • been subject to neglect or abuse during their life
  • been exposed to prenatal drug and/or alcohol abuse

Who we look for?

We need adopters who can offer a "family for life" to:

  • children with emotional difficulties and challenging behaviour
  • groups of brothers and sisters together
  • children with mental or physical disabilities or medical needs
  • children who need to retain some contact with birth family members 


Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:49 PM