If you are interested in or are in receipt of, support services, you may require to contribute towards your care.  How much you require to contribute towards your care will depend on various factors such as your:

  • Assets (this may include the value of any property you own)
  • Capital
  • Income including benefits

Following an assessment for support services, a Council officer will arrange to gather information specific to the individual.  If you wish, you can be supported by a relative, friend, another representative or an independent advocate.  We gather your financial information to ensure that you are receiving any benefits you are entitled to.

Documents you need to provide

You will be asked to provide details about:

  • National Insurance number
  • Income (benefits, occupational pension, other income)
  • Capital, savings and investments
  • Council tax, rent/mortgage
  • Buildings insurance
  • Power of Attorney documentation (if applicable)

The Council officer will also help you find out if you are entitled to any other benefits, such as income support, pension credit, or disability benefits.  If you are entitled to other benefits and require assistance, our officers will arrange another appointment to fill in the forms with you.

Following your financial assessment

Following a financial assessment, we receive information about your support package, including the name of your support provider.  We calculate your financial contributions from the information provided in your financial assessment.

Your financial information statement

We will provide you with a financial information statement.  This will advise you of:

  • The cost to the Council of commissioning your care package
  • Your contribution towards your care package

Additionally for non-residential support options:

  • Your care package - how many hours of care you will receive every week
  • Type of care/support (personal or non-personal)

We will also send you a letter to advise you of:

  • The name of your care/support provider
  • When your care package commences

Additionally for non-residential support options:

  • When you will receive your first invoice
  • What dates the invoice will cover

Self-funding your care

Please note that you will be required to pay the full cost of your care if:

  • You have chosen not to have a financial assessment completed by us
  • We have been unable to contact you
  • You have completed a non-disclosure form
  • Your income, savings or assets meet the full cost of your care

For respite and long term care

Please note that you or your representative should maintain accurate and comprehensive financial records.  If in due course you require additional financial assistance, we will require to see such documentation.  We deem an annual personal spend of up to £2,500 acceptable.

If you have any queries, please complete our enquiry form.

Complaints procedure

Our organisation aims to provide excellent customer service.  If you have any queries regarding your care invoices or your financial information statement, we would suggest that you contact us.  If you are unhappy with the response, you have a legal right to complain about Social Work Services.   Please find out more about our complaints procedure.  

Last updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 4:51 PM