Meeting rooms

We have a suite of two connected rooms which can be utilised in any combination of:

  • two medium individual rooms for meetings and activities
  • one large room for combined activities

Our rooms can be used for socialising, arts, crafts or games.  Our rooms are the centre of our daily activities for people currently accessing the Centre but are designed to ensure flexibility of use.


The rooms are equipped with a range of audio-visual equipment, including television, video, computers, a stereo system, a hearing loop system. 

The Sensory room

Our multi-sensory room allows individuals to explore and develop their senses and skills.  The room contains interactive equipment which makes changes to their environment.  The varied lighting and touch wall, which develops noises that vary from rainfall effects to musical instruments, are all controlled by the individual and promotes empowerment.  The varied lighting effects, shapes and patterns encourage the individuals to explore their surroundings.  The environment is enhanced with easy access vibro-acoustic heated water-bed.

Hire for community access

If you wish to book either the sensory room or meeting room either individually or collectively as one large room, please see our online booking request form for further information.  

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