When you should use this form

You should use this form if:

  • you previously ordered a garden waste permit for the 2024/25 year
  • you cannot display this permit because it's missing or something has happened to it

If you recently ordered a garden waste permit, you should allow up to 21 days for it to arrive. If your permit has not arrived by the end of that period, you can use this form to request a replacement.

You need to use a different form if you want to:

Before you begin

We'll ask for your:

  • name
  • telephone number
  • email address — although you can submit the form without this

We'll also ask for your address. This will help us to identify the permit that we need to replace.

Agreeing to our terms and conditions

When you complete the form, we’ll ask you to agree to our to our terms and conditions for garden waste permits.

When you'll receive your replacement permit

If we approve your request, you should receive your replacement permit within 14 days.

How we'll handle your data

To find out how we'll handle your personal data, read our privacy notice.